Yoga Mind – The CD

Yoga Mind – The CD: I  created this CD as I waited to transition from Montreal to the U.S.A. because people said they will miss my voice.  Yoga Mind – The CD is a mixture of breathing practices, meditations, visualizations, and relaxations with practical applications and tips for setting up.  The idea is for it to be a guide, a companion, to help you reconnect with your Yoga Mind. I say “yoga mind” because there is so much emphasis today on the yoga body, the athletic or physical aspects of yoga. There are softer sides of yoga, though, and not all classes have time to explore them or, the person practicing at home may bypass them because they find it easier to have a teacher/guide. The Yoga Mind – The CD
is perfect for anyone, any age, any experience.  I designed it with the busy person in mind, and since it is downloadable, it becomes portable peacefulness.  Enjoy :-)

Now available on Amazon and Itunes as well as CD Baby. Please feel free to leave a review!

Rana Waxman Yoga Mind - The CD


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  1. Introduction to Yoga Mind CD
  2. Setting Up For Sitting In Yoga MInd
  3. Setting Up For Active Rest
  4. Setting Up For Lying Down
  5. The Essential Natural Breath
  6. Breathe For Balance
  7. 5 Minute Mindfulness Retreat
  8. Heartbeat
  9. Keep your Cool
  10. The Golden Light Healing Meditation
  11. Diving Deep Into Relaxation
  12. Chakra Balancing Relaxation


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