Breath Therapy

breathe through it

“BREATH is the fuel of life (traditionally called “prana”.  In yoga it serves as a bridge between the mind and the body, since it operates on automatic and can also be consciously controlled.  Breath is a cornerstone of technique.  Learning to use it effectively is a key to deepening your yoga, since it directly increases stretch, strength, endurance and balance…Breath itself is an interesting lesson in control and surrender. “ (Yoga As Self-Transformation, Joel Kramer)



The breath is your NUMBER ONE tool for Stress Management!

You can benefit from Breath Therapy if you answer “yes” to more than one of these questions:

– do you fatigue easily?

-do you wake up tired?

-do you suffer from tension headaches?

-do you feel burned out?

-do you feel like you are always trying to ‘catch’ your breath or feel breathless?

This program is uniquely designed for you.  For details please contact Rana.