The Eight Limbs of Yoga

The Eight Limbs of Yoga  : I love this photo! We often hear the label “ashtanga” – in fact the Sanskrit word for 8 is ashta …

People are often focused on one part of the system of Yoga, the physical (asana) but actually, there is more to it as you can see below, eight Limbs of Yoga.

Asana ~ I believe that the yoga mat is a great place to take your muscles to school, but you cannot do this without the breath (pranayama). The other limbs develop as you keep on practicing. Often there will be a shift in consciousness, and you begin to be able to harness the mind, build focus, concentration, and a meditative state that lasts outside of your physical practice.  Once this grows, and it will if you nourish it by observing healthier choices (niyamas) and it does, there is no real yoga unless you are cultivating kindness (and the other yamas).

Place yourself in the practice and you will see how it bears fruit, like a tree. In fact, this is why Yoga is used with this analogy.

If you would like to learn the eight limbs of yoga practice, I am available to private yoga lessons and my cd, Yoga Mind is a download away from bringing you on site relaxation and meditation among other great options

the eight limbs of yoga

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