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Lower Back Pain Relief

lower back pain relief

lower back pain relief

Asana For Lower Back Pain Relief: One of the easiest asanas to practice, even at home, for lower back pain relief is called legs up the chair pose. This is actually a mini variation of viparita karani. It is really useful, especially for students who have difficulty, due to restrictions and tight hamstrings, in doing the classic legs up the wall variation – which I love too, as you may know.

Most people I encounter have some kind of lower back tension, and while certainly yoga has many tools to alleviate it, please know that activity is not always the answer. I teach and practice strong and alignment oriented asanas but I also incorporate restorative sequences, relaxation and breathing with myself and my students.

Legs up the chair is just that, and there are many variations. The photo above shows you quite straightforwardly that all you really need is a chair (although I have taught this to people in their homes where all they had was a sofa), and some support under the shoulders and head is quite nice, especially if you have slightly rounded shoulders and any neck discomfort. Ten minutes a day in this asana is quite soothing mentally, physically, and emotionally.

For other practices, call me or come to my restorative class here in Jersey City

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