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Yoga For Energy

Yoga For Energy: Reflecting today on how we want increased energy but we forget that energy is part of the subtle body.  Healing takes place in our consciousness and then finds its way into our physical body.

yoga  energyYoga Energy: I hear people say “ I’m tired” a lot. I sometimes say it too! We turn to Yoga to increase our energy, but it isn’t a straightforward answer as to how to go about this. There are so many ways, and different practices, how does one evaluate which remedy to choose. Here are at least 10 ways to use yoga to improve your energy

Make your practice purposeful.

Start where you are: A good place to begin the query is to ask yourself: What kind of tired am I? Energy is subtle, and each of us needs to tune into what our spectrum is. Think gas tank, full, empty, somewhere in between.

If you are tired, but have strength and feel up to it, an energizing sequence of poses can do the trick. Step onto your mat, sit with yourself, and then map out a practice that meets your needs.

If you have really low energy due to extreme fatigue, think less is more. Minimize your asana practice. You can keep working on strength, but avoid the very strenuous poses and really long holds. Add some rest time between poses. Move when you are ready. Think low and slow like (vegan ?) BBQ ribs!

Shouldn’t I take deeper breaths?

Inhalations are energizing and exhalations are calming as a rule.Never be pushy with your breath.If you feel lethargic yes, you can get a bit peppier. Inhaling through the nose and sighing it out with an AAHH can be refreshing too. Sometimes just staying with classic yogic 3 part breath (belly/ribs/chest) is the ticket. Keep it simple. When in doubt, consult.

Change it up.

A nice walk followed by legs up the wall is refreshing, and boosts endorphins. Or, practice restoratives instead. Many of the active poses, including back bends) can be ‘energizing’ in an uplifting way without recruiting as much muscular effort. Think rest and digest. Think bridge pose over a block, child’s pose over a bolster.

Savasana works.

Yes, make silence and stillness are your new BFFs and conserve energy. It’s like money and banking. If you keep spending without earning, you deplete your capital. Relaxation promotes renewal.

Doctor up your posture.

We lose a lot of energy just by dropping our heads forward. Use asana as a therapeutic remedy for tilts and twists and drops in your posture.


Say no. Sometimes when we don’t want to do something but go ahead and do it anyway, we feel resentful or frustrated. The negativity robs us of joy and inner peace. Protect and serve your self when possible. Think airline stewardess advising you to take oxygen from your mask first, before passing it to someone else.

Feeding the System

Check your diet. Is it rich in sugar and caffeine? If at 4pm, your energy dips, exchange the false highs for something with more nutrients. Drink water.


Burning the candle at both ends is just that. Typically, for insomniacs, the recipe involves less stimulus during the day. Cut back. Get home and in bed in time to nurture yourself. Naps are good.


Get focused. Worry is draining. Get your AUM on – seriously! Mantra practice, mindfulness, get present, get prana.

Just Be

Instead of trying so hard to ‘improve’ energy, remember that your innermost core is the energy body, the body of pure light. You are prana embodied, but what you do with this gift is an ongoing learning experience.


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