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morning yoga sequence

morning yoga sequence -cute cartoon showing how natural your morning yoga sequence can be if you set an intention, or sankalpa

So many of you want to ‘do’ yoga but can’t ‘find time’. There is a word in yoga – “sankalpa” which means intention. Setting your mind on something, intending towards it, will increase the probability that it will happen. Common sense, right? There is a difference between the intention and the goal of what your intention is set on. We have more influence on what we do than what we hope will happen. Nature is a pretty big force here! Sankalpa has to do with planning, setting a course of action, such as “I am going to wake up 15 minutes early and get a little morning yoga in and begin my day with a positive and focused tone”. Once you set that intention, then you have to take a step, such as actually setting the alarm or going to sleep a little earlier.

I love this cartoon for the simple reason that it shows how natural your own practice can feel like, even if it is a few minutes, current studies are showing that frequent intermittent stretching (not forceful) can provide release an ease. There is also more to restorative yoga than you think. We actually get a healthier stretch when we are relaxed.

What to do? Well, seriously folks, even if you take one private yoga lesson to get you going, it is a great way to not only set your intention to feel better, but also to actually reach that goal. Or find me – I teach here in Jersey City

morning yoga

morning yoga

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