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Rana Waxman – tools of the yoga trade

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“Just as a runner needs a good pair of running shoes, you’ll need some essential pieces of equipment, called yoga props, to get the most out of your practice” ~ Donna Farhi, Yoga Mind Body, & Spirit

A well-placed prop is essential to the modern yogi(ni). It not only provides support, but actually can enhance and extend your practice. I have some favourite items in my studio, at home, and in the car ~ I  believe everyone should have a little prop portfolio. I also love to stay inspired with a good book. I have basically hand picked good quality items and tried to list all the books I have read (yes have all of these). I get asked all the time to recommend good yoga books so here is the on-going bookshelf.  I am brand ambassador for the Three Minute Eggs and so if you do shop online here, please put my code in for a 10% discount:  Code 3MEArw1

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