Monday Punday

Too cute not to share.  Laughter is great medicine; contentment breeds calm ~ or here’s to hoping! Naturally, a balanced Yoga practice will stimulate the endorphins; you can also do a lot with breathing exercises.

A great yoga therapy technique to simulate laughter is Kapalabhati

Kapalabhati Pranayama (pronounced (kah-pah-lah-BAH-tee). Kapala = skull and bhati = light (implying perception, knowledge).
The effect of this energizing pranayama is to clear the mind, release emotional tensions, improve digestion, and leave you feeling “brighter,” almost as if your brain was standing in a warm and happy sunbeam.
Build up slowly!
Step by Step Guide:
Sit comfortably, using any support or props.  Try seated tadasana on a chair, if you like.
Focus on your lower abdomen, placing your hands there, one atop the other. Breathe in and then try laughing.
Notice the activity under your hands, as the belly contracts in short bursts.
Inhale, and as you exhale next time, repeat the same “ha ha ha” action but using short exhales through the nose.

Your inhales can be long, passive and slow, the exhales will be shorter bursts.  You can keep your hands on the belly and use them to pump the abdomen until you are comfortable and feel more adept at the rhythm.

Monday Punday


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