Yoga In the Subway

Yoga in the subway: I was just sent a link to this article, with lots of pretty cool photos of people in yoga poses in the subway. I think it is very creative, though the subways are pretty dirty and I would not want to put my mat down let alone my hands for a handstand. When I take the subway, I usually just focus on being mindful of my surroundings and my breathing and that is sufficient for me.

The byline for the article is : Are Yoga Enthusiasts The New Acrobats (you can read it by clicking HERE). As with any topic, there are many perspectives, and, I sometimes am inspired to move into a pose outdoors so I am in no place to judge. In the article, they say,  “on one level, it’s pretty impressive (and perhaps even inspiring) to see all these flexible people strutting their stuff on subway cars.”  On the other hand, it does border on “attention-seeking”.

yoga is apractice

I suggest we come back to the origins and spirit of Yoga for a moment, and just reflect that “Yoga is a Practice Not a Performance” so maybe “yoga in the subway” is like performance art…Weigh in.

Is your Yoga Practice Balanced?

In case you missed it, here is a link to my last post for Yoga Travel Tree, titled : “Too Much of a Good Thing: Can You do Too Much yoga?

I always take the approach that yoga is a system, with different components – eight limbs. Any kind of physical practice should feel like it is opening you, not yanking or pulling or compressing. And breathing – whole category! Please check out my cd, YOGA MIND for tips on how to set up and some complete practices that can accompany you. As for developing focus and other side benefits, they evolve like wisdom. Nothing like private yoga class instruction though, very different from group !

yoga is apractice

Breathing: A Yogatherapy Perspective

breathe into this moment













The breath, from a yoga therapy perspective, is both tool and toolbox.

Read on : My latest blogpost is now available on MindBodyGreen “Why Breathing Isn’t As Easy As It Seems (And How To Do It With Intention)”

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Yoga Therapy – What You May Not Know

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Childs pose active

My latest post for Lole answers a few misconceptions.  Private yoga classes are fantastic opportunities to learn skills that will help improve the quality of the way you move, whether to enhance your sport, athletic performance, prevent injury or simply improve upon the daily movement requirements of  life.

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New Year, New Mind

Check out my latest post on MindBodyGreen

It goes perfectly with my cd, YOGA MIND

If you want health, happiness and a quiet mind, you’ve probably considered starting a meditation practice. Here are some tips to help you stay on track this year.

1. Don’t get intimidated by your busy mind!

The mind is like a TV with all the stations (drama, comedy, tragedy, history, etc), which can make you feel as if you’ll never find a still point. It’s a practice, so just practice. As with any training, the seeds take time to grow and flourish, they just need active patience and honoring.

2. Remember that you have options; there are different ways to practice so that you can enjoy a fruitful journey.

You can choose to commit to one style for a 21-day period and then switch. You can alternate from day to day, or you can add on a few minutes at the end of your yoga session before savasana.

3. Try mindfulness meditation.

This practice, which emphasizes nonjudgemental awareness, is a wonderful way to meditate because it includes activities like yoga and tai-chi. Or you can do it while you eat or walk. You can also simply clear some silent time at your desk, sit, scan your body for tension, acknowledge the moment as it is, watch a few breaths coming in and going out.

4. Practice concentrating.

Concentration is a practice in and of itself; at the root of meditation is the ability to focus. If you’re a multi-tasker, this may be refreshing for you. You can try using a mantra, like the So-Hum or Aum, or you can light a candle and sustain your gaze on the flame

5. Focus on a theme or a question.

This makes contemplation easier. We yogis like the “Who AM I?” question, which encourages you to peel off layers of the self you think you know and get right to your inner core of light. (Yes, the wandering mind will kick in, that’s ok…keep on keeping on.)

6. Try heart and love-centered meditations, which focus more on feeling than thinking.

They can help replace sadness and fear by encouraging you to feel the qualities of loving-kindness, compassion, joy, equanimity .You can sit for these, or donate your time as a volunteer or go through your closets and give things to someone needy.

7. Experiment with a visualization-based meditation.

These are fun because they use your imagination. You may want to focus on feeling an inner smile in every organ, or envision the breath as healing, relaxing golden light melting your troubles like warm sunshine.

Instead of worrying about not having the time to meditate, act as if peace were portable. Anywhere, at any time, your breath and your attention can be focused, conserved and directed. I am calm in this moment. I am. I am calm in this moment. I am.

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