Therapeutic Yoga Program

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Happiness is with(in) reach

Are you looking to:

  1. -decrease pain
  2. -improve posture
  3. -enhance performance
  4. -feel peaceful and positive


“We have to apply the discipline of yoga in our daily lives and, consciously or unconsciously, we all do so in varying degrees” ~ Dr. Krishna Raman,  A Matter of Health

Homeostasis/equipoise/balance is the natural state, which Yoga, used therapeutically,  is designed to help you reconnect with.  A Yoga Therapy session is a unique and proven process of treating the person as a multidimensional whole, not just a series of symptoms.   If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, restricted movement, “stress” and the inability to find inner peace, we can explore the use of breath, improved posture, prescribed asanas, meditation, affirmation and deep relaxation to bring you back to your unique state of symmetry.

It is called a Yoga practice because consistency is key.

Whether you are new to yoga, a returning student, or a yoga teacher, a mentor and second pair of eyes is beneficial.

This six week program takes the individual on a uniquely designed yoga experience.

Upon registration for your first one-one yoga session, you will be sent a comprehensive and confidential lifestyle and health questionnaire.  This will prepare Rana for your first meeting and assessment, which includes a postural analysis as well as discussion about your goals, and an initial practice (prescription) session designed from the results .

After your first session, you will then have the option to register for the full therapeutic Yoga Program, choosing the number of sessions per week you wish to incorporate (*subject to availability). Once to twice a week for a minimum of six weeks has the best track record to keep your practice focused. Registering for this program also gives you a discount on the hourly rate.

Each follow up class will build upon your initial yoga-based prescription.  You will learn foundational postural skills to help you practice Yoga safely for your body, a home practice, and Yoga-based tips/techniques/tools to help you reach your goals.  Rana will mentor you along the way so that your questions are answered.

Many students fall in love with private one-one yoga classes and continue beyond this initial period. Growth is infinite.

Transformation is possible, and attainable and happiness is with(in) reach!

Rana has over 20 years experience in this field, and draws from an extensive background in yoga, yoga therapeutics, and the healing arts.  Her keen eye, skillful touch, and instinctively inspired approach will help guide you.

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