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Greeting upon Meeting!

With the advent of social media, it is easier to connect with people long distance than ever.  I receive many questions that cannot be answered in one sentence, as it does not do justice to the answer or to the approach of yoga therapy consultation.

Yoga Therapy is personalized practice combined with practical life coaching which is infused with the spiritual inspiration derived from the ancient teachings of Yoga.

Each session begins with a talk about what is challenging you at the moment or what your goals are in learning more about Yoga & Meditation are. We also assess your posture, go over any pain points, and habits that are presently preventing you from living in optimal health and emotional well-being.

Sessions can be enjoyed in the privacy of your home anywhere in the world. I will help you create or expand your current Yoga practices, and change any negative mental or physical habits that keep you from living the life you know you want to be living. Each session holds practical tools to apply on a daily basis to achieve more balance and joy in your life. Once you have paid for the consultation, a comprehensive and confidential health questionnaire will be emailed to you to be completed and sent prior to your scheduled session.

Phone/Skype appointments can be arranged at our mutual convenience, and I look forward to meeting you and sharing how Yoga can benefit you.

To schedule an appointment; click “buy” below and pay for the session.  You will submit your email address and a couple of recommended times.  We will email you back and confirm the time and Skype IDs.