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Yogatherapy can mean different things to different people. As you can see from the photo on left, all of us have different needs and so, coming into a yoga class where the cues are generic, you may actually do some harm. These 2 quotes are pretty interesting.

YogaTherapy – A transformative approach  “YogaTherapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings  and practice of  yoga” ~ International Association of Yoga Therapists (definition 2011) (IAYT)*

“Therapy becomes ‘yoga’ to the extent that it more fully engages the self-awareness and the participation of the ‘patient’.  That understanding is key to ensuring that we can heal effectively, and that the injury or illness doesn’t recur” ~ Doug Keller, Yoga As Therapy

Yoga, as an ancient system of well-being, is one of the most complete and popular alternative forms of medicine. Yogatherapy practice sees the individual as holistic, and multidimensional, not a product of symptoms, and so treats the whole person.  In its origins, Yoga was transmitted by a Teacher to a student, and the practice, much like a doctor’s prescription, was tailored to this individual, for their unique needs. With these appropriate tools, the student is empowered to care for their own health. Why?

  • Change musculoskeletal patterns that inhibit the way you move, cause chronic or acute pain/discomfort, and impede injury, active recovery
  • Improve posture
  • Enhance performance
  • Feel peaceful and positive
  • Prevent injury, active recovery
  • Help you learn modifications that you can use to stay safer in group classes
  • Use Yoga as it is intended, therapeutically ~ the right practices for you
  • Helps you maximize the benefits

Used therapeutically, Yoga can can aid in the alleviation of many different ailments, including anxiety, back pain, hypertension, heart conditions, asthma, diabetes, hyperacidity, IBS, cancer, MS, ME, migraine headaches, TMJ,  and psychosomatic illness caused by stress.  Also, used therapeutically, a balanced practice meets the student where they are AND enhances performance, flexibility, strength.  Do not underestimate a healthy hip joint or a pain free neck!

Yogatherapy uses physical postures, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and meditation to help restore body/mind balance and promote natural healing….among other tools that the teacher has in her repertoire.

The role of the teacher is to be a perceptive, compassionate, knowledgeable, intuitive guide in this process. Rana is skilled at presenting options for each student, and ‘meeting’ the student where they are to find adaptations and appropriate ways of teaching Yoga to them. Whether you are injured or not, a therapeutic practice of Yoga, one that is safe, and encourages pain-free movement, can help performance and restore symmetry and balance due to the effects and mal-alignments of stress. Rana will look at your postural core to get to the source of discomfort/imbalance and work with you to bring the transformations you desire.

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Rana is a member of the IAYT* ,ERYT-500 level Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance (YA) and you can find her for private yoga lessons in the Jersey City area.   Find out more about Rana’s Therapeutic Yoga Program and how it can benefit you!

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