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About Yoga ~ Before you begin taking yoga class with Rana, here is a little bit of information about the Yogic system and it’s benefits

“The eight limbs of Yoga are: respect towards others, self-restraint, posture, breath control, detaching at will from the senses, concentration, meditation, and contemplation” ~ Patanjali, Yoga Sutra 11.29

“Yoga is a systematic technology to improve the body, understand the mind, and free the spirit” ~ Timothy McCall, M.D., Yoga as Medicine

The word YOGA means “union”. The eight limbs of the Yogic system can be categorized in 3 groups – the ethical practices, the physical practices and the meditative practices.

Eight Limbs of YogaphotoModern day multitasking lives lead to a disconnect from any sense of a calm center. Yoga is a practical lifestyle management system which helps make us resilient, strong and positive even in the face of turbulent times.






The practices include, but are not limited to, postures, breathing techniques, meditation as well as encompass attitudes and ways to live a healthy and balanced daily life.

Amazing side benefits of YOGA practice are:

-Breathe better, improve energy
-change musculo skeletal patterns/posture
-cope better with stress, be calmer
-relieve pain
-improve flexibility, joint mobility, range of motion
-sleep better
-strengthen the body
-focus the mind, meditation, mindfulness
-tap into inner creativity and intelligence
-decrease negative emotions and obsessive thinking
-energize the system and fight fatigue
-improve circulation and immune system
-cardiovascular conditioning
-lifestyle management
-reconnection with spiritual heritage

Rana is an E-RYT500 level Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance, and International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Find out how yoga can benefit you!

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