Yapana® Stretch One on One

personalized yoga stretch

personalized yoga stretch with Rana Waxman


A Yapana® Stretch One on One is a stretching class just for you; essentially a fusion technique used in a private yoga class that allows the student to benefit from the yoga poses in more of a receptive way, while still maintaining safety and alignment. Rana has an extensive background in trigger point therapy, myofascial release and acupressure and is able to incorporate some of this into this signature Yapana® yoga therapy session. Clients are apt to feel more aligned, balanced, and yes stretched out – while deriving the same sense as if they had had a great massage treatment. Here are a few comments:

“My leg felt so much better the day after our session” ~ Marina T ~ Tenafly

“Aware of my knees today in another new way!…Enjoying the practice!” ~ J. H. ~ Closter

“Hi Rana, I’m grateful for all the attention you gave my body today. Thank You! It felt great and I hope to see you soon…” David ~ Jersey City

yoga pose can sometimes awaken an area that is weak, dull, or lacking awareness.  It can also calm an area that has overworked or overcompensated.  It can be challenging for a practitioner to find the best practices without experienced guidance.  Your Yoga practice should always meet your needs where they are. Instead of chasing a stretch from the poses,  A Yapana® Stretch One on One session allows the client to receive and integrate the information from their yoga class, learn mindfulness, calm breathingrelaxation, improve posture and flexibility.

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Yapana ® Stretch One on One is a safe and assisted therapeutic blend between a yoga session and a deep tissue massage, especially with Rana‘s extensive background in myo facial release, acupressure, reflexology, trigger point therapy and more. No wonder she is called the ‘Muscle Whisperer’. Whether you are coming to Yoga as a beginner, an experienced practitioner, to rehabilitate from injury, manage pain, learn alignment or just deepen in your practice, this technique is a balanced yoga therapy approach in which you will receive the stretch through assistance and support.