surrender yoga and meditation

surrender yoga and meditation

Our word of the day and cause for reflection is the sanskrit wrd, “ishvara pranidhana” which means surrendering to the Supreme. While this may be somewhat too mystical for the average stressful day, I get that, but there are some pretty practical connotations that you can derive. First of all, I say it pretty often, but, we need some kind of balance between doing and being, or letting go. I am all for being tenacious but at the same time, some patience, and some allowing of things to unfold is also necessary. Do your best, let G-d do the rest.

This is a great quote on this theme: “Meditation is a surrender, It is not a demand. It is not forcing existence your way. It is relaxing into the way existence wants you to be. It is a let-go” ~ Osho

I think asana is a good mirror for us. This is one reason I like to use props. We can find just the right amount of effort and ease when we know how to support ourselves in yoga poses, rather than being only effort, so that the overworked areas can release and the under worked areas can develop. In addition, the restoratives are great teachers for surrender, because they reinforce the relax and digest mechanisms rather than recruit only strength and effort. Learning to do just the right amount, and let-go just the right amount, we start to feel, I think, more balanced. When all we do is push, when we don’t get what we are pushing for, the two things that happen are, unhappiness for not ‘getting’ it, and a closed door to what we aren’t pushing for but could potentially be even better. Yes, this requires trust. More on that another time. meanwhile, check out my meditations.

surrender and yoga

surrender and yoga

Yoga Surrender Quote

yoga surrender quotes  : 

“yoga is a dance between control and surrender-between pushing and letting go- and when to push and when to let go becomes part of the creative process, part of the open-ended exploration of your being” – Joel Kramer

I think we tend to conceptualize ‘surrender’ with giving up, weighting the meaning with negatives. This quote brings to light that it is actually about balance. If all you do is push the envelope, you will likely experience burnt out. Here is where learning the more restorative and relaxing components of yoga help. on the other hand, if you lack drive, motivation, and strength, you may find more balance through energizing practices.

On one hand, we learn through repetition and practice. However, if we continue to do the same things over and over, we lose the elasticity and adaptability that comes from opening to transformation. I think this goes fro time on the mat as well. The exact same practice every day can be draining, and you may be missing out with being in the present moment with yourself. It really is a dance, and a balancing act to find where you need to persist and where you need to surrender.

yoga surrender quote

Yoga and the practice of surrender

let it go

Word of the day ishvara pranidhana ~ surrender to the divine. In the West we tend to think of this concept as a last resort, a giving up out of angst or failure. In the East, and in the spirit of the intention of Patanjali, it is more of an ongoing path/inner practices (and one of 5 niyamas). The ‘goal’ is ultimately to still the agitations of our mind, and connect us not only with the core of our own peacefulness but also to help us see the interconnectedness of all beings. Sounds huge right? I think it is more like a path of balancing well intended action with letting go once we have done our best, standing aside in trust that we are connected to a source of universal power greater than our understanding.

Forward bends can be particularly soothing, with the head lower than the heart; in this photo, I would add a block or two under the head – it is very calming