Yogatherapy for the Subscapularis

Yogatherapy for the Subscapularis:

Yoga Therapy for the Subscapularis: In case you here the cue “open the heart” – I find the cue not as informative as seeing anatomically how the chest and arms work together here are some tips and a great infograph to put join yoga mind body and spirit. This infographic is cool  – it shows muscles, has some mind/body self-reflections/spirit  and also gets into the meridians. Yoga Therapy for the Subscapularis ! If you are someone whose shoulder blades ‘wing’, or, you have tight pectorals, and can never understand the cue ‘ keep your shoulder blades seated on your back’ this is a muscle group you can investigate and look towards strengthening.

Too much tightness in one area can simultaneously create tightness (and pinching) in another. There are a few ways that yoga, used therapeutically can address this. A restorative backbend can nicely open the front lines of the body while allowing the back body to re-pattern, plus you get to facilitate breathing.

Muscle metaphor questions to answer:

-What are you hiding or keeping private?

-Is there something that you need to reveal?

-What do you feel in your heart as opposed to your head?

-How are you receiving and sending messages about your life to yourself and others?

-ow is your communication and circulation within your soul, or in your daily activities, literally or figuratively?
Yoga Therapy for the Subscapularis