yoga of social media tips

yoga of social media tips :

As you may or may not know, I married the Godfather of Social Media and as such, have learned quite a lot, and learned how to love all things social and digital quite alot… to the extent that I am now asked to create content for other sites. One of these is Yoga People, who asked me to come up with a tip list of my top help tips for creating and maintaining a fantastic yoga Facebook page. The slant is for yoga teachers and or yoga studios, and is part of some other work I have done for them.

yoga of social media

yoga of social media

They have asked me not to re-publish the work, so you can go ahead and read the blurb below, and then click on the header “Five Tips To Make Your Facebook Page Fantastic” to get you to the actual article.

Hopefully by now you have been to Facebook and actually “liked” my page. If not , just click that and it will get you there. I try to keep it informative and upbeat/inspirational. If you take one thing away, it is that in order to keep the social in social media you actually have to engage with the people who are ‘fans’ of the page, especially if they ask questions. I try to do this and really appreciate your support and comments. I also appreciate you sharing some of the posts forward, to help spread the word about my work and or, to help spread some of the affirmative and upbeat energy.

To learn more about me, you can also read a recent interview about me by June Thompson of the Montreal Gazette


meditation on social media

meditation on social media


















Today, I wrote my first of three blog posts (to be published elsewhere, will keep you posted) on social media and community building for yoga brands.  The modern yogi(ni) is Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter, Texting, Emails, Facebook connecting to twitter, the blog, Linkedin.  Joining groups (you know and don’t know), Liking and Un-liking pages, connections with people you know and their connections who you may not know…Comments from the groups you are connected to and know but not personally, connecting through cell phones and apps and sync-ing with your computer, your laptop, ipad…Sigh.  Incredible.  We have adapted to technology and it is unbelieveable how much we can connect just by learning what is available ….

The word YOGA is from the verb, yuj, meaning “to yoke, harness”(Feurstein). In the Upanishads, it also meant “spiritual endeavor” (Feurstein) and later, in the Bhagavad Gita – we are talking 3rd or 4th century BCE- it denoted “spiritual discipline” or methods of “self-realization (Feurstein).  Check out this beautiful verse from the Gita (Stephen Mitchell): “Strong in the practice of yoga, with a mind that is rooted in me and in nothing else, you will reach the Supreme Person that I am.” We commonly say YOGA means union, connecting…mind+body+spirit, because in this fast-paced world, they don’t always feel in the same place at the same time.

So I ask you, are you linked-in and plugged-in professionally and personally?  Do you actually turn your cell OFF in yoga class or just to vibrate? Or could you benefit from turning off cyberspace connections for a moment and tuning into the one link that unites body and mind=the Breath.  Go ahead, try.  Breathe in calm, breathe out tension…Feel YOGA’d-in….