The ananda maya kosha

The ananda maya kosha

ananda maya kosha

I am light


















According to traditional yoga writings, in order for true relaxation to take place, the body and mind need to actually take a mini holiday so that the level of peace can be uncovered. This state of peace is covered by five coverings, or bodies, called Maya Koshas. Maya means illusion and Kosha means body or Sheath. They are like wearing different layers of clothing. Just like you remove clothes to take a shower, so we have to relax each of these sheaths to uncover the light of the pure self within.

ananda maya kosha

ananda maya kosha

This particular post is timed with an invitation to come to my group Restorative Yoga Class, it is a great way to systemically relax. The sheath called the Ananda Maya Kosha, means the body of joy. It isn’t like a temporary happy feeling that you get from a sugar rush, or a purchase. It is best described as a stillness or quietude that is content in and of itself, and usually only uncovered when the body is relaxed and the mind is meditative.

ananda maya kosha


Most of us do not take the time to allow and nurture this type of silence and inner stillness. Ironically, when we push ourselves with more and more effort, we are actually often depleting ourselves. Taking the time to uncover your true joy and silent inner core is where the deepest healing takes place.

Really relax

what it means to really relax

Great quote by Deepak Chopra: “Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a ways of entering into the quiet that is already there-buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day”


“Real relaxation occurs only through our willingness to quit fighting gravity and surrender the weight of our bodies to the omnipresent pull of the gravitational field.  If we are continually bracing our bodies against the pull of gravity in an attempt to stay standing and functioning, how can we relax? By bringing alignment into our bodies, we begin the process of transforming gravity from an adversary against whom we must wage a losing battle into an ally and source of real support in our lives.  The real importance of alignment, however, is that it allows us to begin to relax into ourselves. If we have not brought a reasonable amount of alignment into our lives, we can never truly relax. If we did, we would simple topple over and fall to the ground” ~ Will Johnson

Sunday is sometimes a quieter day, but sometimes not. Especially during the holidays. It may be hard to carve out a few moments to just get in touch with real R and R. Check out my Yoga Mind cd for a few guided practices.

yoga and patience quotes

yoga and patience quotes

“you will get there when you are meant to get there. So relax, breathe, and be patient”.

I love this quote. We rarely use that word anymore, but it is a good one to pull out and examine when you can. We seem to practice impatience a lot because that is what we are used to. You may even have done it today at the grocery store when you were waiting in line and the person ahead of you was taking FOREVER to pay. You rolled your eyes, stamped your foot. Everything has to be done yesterday or it isn’t good. Well, I don’t think speed is the same as intelligence.

Hey we all have our own pace. Interesting to watch my students today doing a simple vinyasa with forward folding. Each was at their own tempo and it was great because I could tell they were watching their alignment and waiting for their breath, pretty much all I could ask for. Science lately is revealing that chasing a stretch with vehemence does not change your body’s set postural point and may in fact, put you at risk for injury. I prefer to set up a pose with a great prop and settle in for a bit. Wait, and let the pose be revealed a bit. Wait some more and it may get interesting.

yoga and patience quotes

yoga and patience quotes

Stillness and Yoga

Stillness: there is a relationship between stillness and the practice of yoga

be still

be still

Sometimes we think of stillness as lack of movement, but stillness can be a very quiet place, while nonetheless, hosting a lot of healing activity. For yogis, the first pose for ‘stillness’ is corpse pose, which is a wonderfully restful pose for the sympathetic nervous system. It also relieves fatigue and restores balance. Yes, it is also used to manage anxiety, but for some people, unaccustomed to practice, you may find it easier to fidget than lay still. Many insist it is the hardest pose to master. It is also the most important.

Savasana is not the same as napping or lying on the sofa, which tend to distract or dull the mind and senses. If you are watching a scary movie, it may even cause your blood pressure to rise, so not a great remedy if you are already super stressed out. Savasana is more like tuning in. It provides the brain, which communicates nonverbally to all the systems of the body, a chance to hear itself, which in turn, promotes healing. So the next time you think of skipping this crucial part of yoga practice, be still, close your eyes, let everything relax, and just let your mind stand off to the side, as you watch your breath for a few moments then just let go. Try it out. You may learn, or un learn something. Check out my Yoga Mind cd for some guided practices and set up tips or learn how to customize your session


funny acupuncture cartoons

Funny acupuncture cartoons: I love the comics! This one is so cute. When I studied Acupressure and Chinese Medicine we learned about moxa.  I never worked with moxibustion but I hear it has a strong smell, so this is kind of hilarious

If you don’t know what acupressure is, it refers to any technique using finger pressure on “acupoints” to reduce stress and balance the body’s energy, called: qi (“chi”) or prana. Acupuncture works with needles. I never worked with moxibustion but I hear it has a strong smell, so this is kind of hilarious

The body’s energy, circulates through the body via pathways called meridians. These pathways connect your vital organs and are linked with the mind and emotions. When these meridians are clear and functioning properly the body is able to maintain a balanced energy and function. Think rest and digest. However, the stress of daily life can cause strain on the body – physically, mentally, and emotionally which blocks meridians and prana flow. Sometimes, these blockages can lead to sickness and pain in the corresponding areas, along with emotional and mental imbalances. So what to do? Balance, laugh, breathe, relax, get a treatment, book a private yoga lesson…all good

acupuncture funny

yoga in the park jersey city

Yoga in the park Jersey city : The sound of water is so relaxing, the trees are so green, the air is so calm, the sun is a presence, felt from the shade. It is a perfect location for a stay-cation yoga class in Hamilton Park, located in New Jersey. A few friends have asked me to do a class next Saturday morning, July 26th at 9 AM.

I think being in the park in the middle of a city is a great way to ‘do’ yoga – being with distractions and activity, yet remaining focused and present with who we are and the task at hand.

The event, yoga in the park Jersey City  will be a donation class, and please email me at if you will be participating or if you are unsure whether the weather is cooperating. Most likely as long as the ground is dry in the park it will be a go. Bring a yoga mat, some towels and a yoga strap at least. I may bring some extra props but the goal is just to move and breathe and be in this kind of oasis in the middle of the city….

yoga in the park New Jersey

Seeing Things

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” ~ Anais Nin

This quote points out a really great reason to relax and let your nervous system rest and digest…And if you are one to stay away from the quieter aspects of yoga why not try on this holiday weekend? I see many students, even those who are really revved up, learn to let go with purposeful instruction from a private yoga lesson. And then, there is always just taking a good old-fashioned nap! Enjoy the Memorial Day long weekendQuote

The Power Of Relaxation And Letting Go

The Power Of Relaxation And Letting Go ~ reaping the benefits through yoga ~You get to move on, grow, transform, have a new day, a new opportunity, you get to reboot, refresh, release, embrace

When will you let go what makes you unhappy? It is called a yoga ‘practice’, so today on your mat, before beginning, touch base with the most tension-full place you have and allow the light of your practice, of your inner being, to permeate that place, calming it and releasing just a little. Move in the direction of balance and healing. If it suits you, include my yoga therapy breathing exercise to create joy, or one of the tracks from my Yoga Mind cd or book your private yoga class with me ~ am happy to guide you mind/body/soul  :-)

letting GO