Is your Yoga Practice Balanced?

In case you missed it, here is a link to my last post for Yoga Travel Tree, titled : “Too Much of a Good Thing: Can You do Too Much yoga?

I always take the approach that yoga is a system, with different components – eight limbs. Any kind of physical practice should feel like it is opening you, not yanking or pulling or compressing. And breathing – whole category! Please check out my cd, YOGA MIND for tips on how to set up and some complete practices that can accompany you. As for developing focus and other side benefits, they evolve like wisdom. Nothing like private yoga class instruction though, very different from group !

yoga is apractice

Breathing Techniques For Mindfulness

Breathing Techniques For Mindfulness:

If you are thinking stressful thoughts the body will hold onto them and create knots in the muscles, this post gives breathing techniques for mindfulness. “Whatever you are FOCUSING upon is TRAINING you into a habit of thought” ~ Abraham Hicks

So what would happen if you focused on your breath? It would not change the situation, but it would alter your perception. I just experimented with this at the dentist. First focused on my breath, then the drilling (OWWW) then back to my breath. Drilling still there, I was calmer though. My heartbeat wasn’t pounding. So … taking this to another situation seems like a good stress management plan.



This is a great reminder. The breath is the link between mind and body. If you are thinking stressful thoughts the body will hold onto them and create knots in the muscles (etc). This is why learning to use your breathing in a conscious (mindful) way will help you in all kinds of ways by triggering the parasympathetic response (relaxation response) in the nervous system. Like anything it takes practice, and the good news is I am available here in Jersey City for private yoga lessons or to give a workshop at your studio :-)

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of the moment, live in the breath” ~ Amit Ray. Anxiety can be very loud, and this noise can cloud judgemtn. What would happen if we could just be, in silence?


inner listening through mindfulnness

Focusing on the essential natural breath ( a practice from my YOGA MIND cd) is easy to use and learn, because it basically requires you to cultivate awareness more than “technique”, and can be done even 5 minutes a day – anywhere: car, subway, bus, walking, at your desk…



Meanwhile this is one of many breathing techniques for mindfulness – you simply repeat to yourself when you breathe in, breathing in relaxation and when you breathe out, you focus on breathing out tension. It just takes a few moments to breathe mindfully so give it a whirl

breathing in and out

The Yoga of the Warrior Mind

This is an interesting focus for a pose that many people do regularly.

Sometimes you just have to give up the past in order to embrace the present.

I say this after moving (again) ~ Now happily settled in Jersey City, NJ., so if you are looking to get your yoga on, are in pain, on the mend, stressed out, need some R & R you should reach out, private yoga classes are just the ticket !



spirit of the warrior

Are some poses meant for fun?

In every pose, that which steadies is the breath. That being said, just because you are “deep breathing” doesn’t mean you are working within your safe stretching limits.

“the perfection of the body consists of (possessing) beauty, charm, strength, and the power of a thunderbolt” ~ Patanjali

Let us not forget discrimination, knowing how to listen to your body, your instincts and just practicality. Standing on your head, on a towel, with your neck bent  in a tripod headstand (see below) not smart.

Learning how to do this posture to release tight upper trapezius and gain core strength ~ Ah, now there is a reason to learn yoga as therapy – not as fun/performance art…No offense Marilyn, but I would not be smiling in your set-up. If this sounds remotely practical and way more sensible you should contact me for private yoga lessons

Marilyn Monroe -tripod headstand

New Year New You

first post of yr

Well friends, this is my first post of 2014.  Set yourself up for a terrific year. Near or far, my Yoga Mind CD is portable peacefulness.  I am located in Bergen County and have a few public Yoga Classes that you will love – or:




Private Yoga Lessons are the most effective form of Yoga, and the quickest way to reach your own goals.  Whether you are an athlete or a weekend warrior, or just busy, a private yoga class can help you:

  • Change musculoskeletal patterns that inhibit the way you move, cause chronic or acute pain/discomfort, and impede injury recover
  • Improve posture
  • Enhance performance
  • Feel peaceful and positive
  • Allow you to ask questions and get direct feedback
  • Help you learn modifications that you can use to stay safer in group classes
  • Use Yoga as it is intended, therapeutically ~ the right practices for you
  • Helps you maximize the benefits

Areas of Back pain

back pain











A therapeutic yoga practice can help! If the class you attend isn’t helping, try  private Yoga classes with me.

Break free from musculoskeletal patterns that inhibit the way you move, cause chronic or acute pain/discomfort, and impede injury recovery.

Why private yoga classes?

  1. The instruction is dedicated only to you and your unique movement patterns.
  2. You can interact with your teacher so you get instant feedback.
  3. Private yoga sessions enhance your regular practice, daily activities and/ or other athletic endeavors.
  4. The Yoga poses, like a prescription for wellness, that you do in a lesson are chosen only for you in that exact moment in time.  Your class is completely customized just for you.
  5. You can ask me questions.


Interested? Contact me to discuss your yoga goals.

Yoga and Men

This is a great articlereal men do yoga especially if you are a gentleman and on the fence about starting Yoga.  The biggest false impediment is that you are not flexible.  If this is true, then starting will only help you.  Of course, start safely in terms of the physicality, you do not want to be in pain, you want your practice to meet you where you are so that your daily life (even if you aren’t playing for the NFL) is enhanced.  Private sessions are a great way to do this.