LOL it seems everyone feels better with a little stretch in their day! Yoga is for everyone but not all practices suit everyone..BUT I hear people say they ‘stretched’ and my red flag goes off…is it an aligned movement? …did they stretch the belly of the muscle or tug at the insertions?…did they pull on the joints or stabilize.  Please consider that what may seem to ease you out in the moment may not be the best solution for longevity.  Consider that over-riding sensations of pain is not the way yoga practice is intended. The concept of ahimsa/kindness is central to an asana, and this means learning and appreciating that safety is key.  Pulling on a hamstring to try to yank yourself into flexibility is foolish.  If you are not sure, I am available for private yoga lessons because our bodies are unique and learning to see yourself helps determine what will be the practices that will be best for you…that is basically the key component to yoga therapy….and don’t forget, anyone can learn to breathe and reboot

yoga-it's catching on