Using Your Yoga Practice To Move From Spirit












Using Your Yoga Practice To Move From Spirit  is seeing practice as meditation in motion, mindful movement. Sometimes life is full of challenges, and we have to call upon some inner grace to get through it. Relaxation is the antidote to stress, it will help you find that grace..

The lotus flower grows from the bottom of streams and muddy ponds to rise above the water and bloom. At night, it closes and sinks below the water, just to resurface again, untouched the next day, Fully grounded in earth, yet aspiring towards the divine, the lotus flower lives in the muddy water, yet remains unsoiled.














Time on the yoga mat is meditation in motion, mindful movement.

The “P” in practice can either be “push push push” or “patience patience patience”. Generally I like to tell students to go gradually and navigate a pose, considering where they are at in the present moment, what the cues from their breathing indicate, and what the general physical feedback is telling them. There is a skill to using yoga props that not only makes the asana approachable and possible but also, increases the benefits and your ability to learn how to be peaceful in a challenging situation because you aren’t fighting so hard to maintain alignment etc. If you have never tried Restorative Yoga therapy wow, here too is a most intelligent and awesome way to cultivate safe flexibility and the rest and digest attitude that the nervous system so needs


Calm Mind = Heaven

The key=relaxation.

Benefits of Relaxation:

– deepening your breathing,
– reducing stress hormones,
– slowing down heart rate and blood pressure,
– relaxing your muscles
– increases energy and focus,
– combats illness,
– relieves aches and pains,
– heightens problem-solving abilities,
– boosts motivation and productivity
– increases happiness, by releasing dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin and other immunomodulators to change brain chemistry

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mind carries heaven

Reap the benefits of a yoga therapy practice

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Or just read on :-)

The benefits of a private yoga class include:

-You can ask questions

-It is tailor made for your body, lifestyle

The benefits of a yoga therapy practice are:


-Breathe better, improve energy

-change musculo skeletal patterns/posture

-cope better with stress, be calmer
-relieve pain
-improve flexibility, joint mobility, range of motion
-sleep better
-strengthen the body
-focus the mind, meditation, mindfulness
-tap into inner creativity and intelligence
-decrease negative emotions and obsessive thinking
-energize the system and fight fatigue
-improve circulation and immune system
-cardiovascular conditioning
-lifestyle management
-reconnection with spiritual heritage


Forcing Yourself Into A Yoga Pose #1 No-No

Staying safe is something I believe in.  It is one thing to challenge yourself if you are exhibiting mindfulness and moving within your range of motion but forcing yourself into a posture just to feel pain, that I do not go for at all whatsoever. I teach skills to help train you and to help you work with the body you have.  There are so many levels of benefits to yoga! Let’s explore them. You can start breathing and relaxing with a few tips from my Yoga Mind Cd; – join one of my public yoga classes in Tenafly or book your private yoga class with me.

never force anything