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 “We can strengthen our ability to be compassionate by repeatedly expressing compassion” ~ Judith Lasater, Living Your Yoga

Testimonials Page. (thank you everyone!)  I just want to go ahead and thank everyone who has contributed to my testimonials page. I learn from you as much as you learn from me, and it is with honour and gratitude that we share yoga together. For other testimonials and to leave reviiews, please visit my LinkedIn profile and my Yoga Trail teacher profile which I update regularly :-)

Amazing difference in my knee!! Glad to be back to sessions! ~ J.H.

I feel more space in the back of my neck very cool ~ R.G.

Here is one teacher you don’t want to miss. She has just re-located from Montreal where she thrived as an experienced Yoga Therapist, teacher, mentor and insightful being. Her years on and off the mat have given her insights into how the mind and body connect through yoga and how she can share these wonderful insights with her students and just about anyone who wants to know. Don’t miss an opportunity to practice with her. ~ S.K.

It was a pleasure to meet you again leading the Yoga session for Novartis. Our associates have profited from the introduction and exercises. It was enrichment to our program, thank you! ~ Y.H.

For more than 10 years Rana gives me weekly yoga instruction.
Rana is a generous spirit and is a loyal, conscientious and positive individual.
Rana is a gifted healer and in addition to her knowledge of yoga she has incredible intuitive sense. The massage and yoga classes have led me into a healing process that is quite remarkable. I feel completely at ease, safe and comfortable in her good hands. She has made a big difference in the quality of my life. I recommend her to everybody.
Her kindness, insight and knowledge proved a treat and I am so thankful and pleased be her client.” ~ A.

“I have been coming to Rana for years on a weekly basis. My wife recommended her. I was skeptical, but I see such an improvement in range of motion, and decrease in pain. Sometimes my body gives out but with consistent yoga I bounce right back.” ~ R.E.

I have taken Yoga classes in a group with Rana for about 2 years now.
I first saw her on TV in a series which was both in French and English. I really liked her style and whenever possible would practice Yoga with her and the French woman she was instructing.

Rana has a deep and mature understanding of Life and people for one so young. I have taken Yoga classes with other instructors, so, I am able to compare. She gears her classes to the group she is teaching. She helps us understand what benefits we get from the different postures and then makes sure that we are doing them correctly.

But, best of all are her thoughtful words that accompany the physical teachings. About, life, spirit, ourselves and the moment. ~ S.G.

I always look forward to my yoga classes. Yoga helps me to relax and reflect, to find inspiration and calm. To breathe deeply and to realize how much I have to be thankful for. ~ E.Z.

Dear Rana,
I was a very interested listener of your “Yoga chez vous” lessons broadcasted on Vox TV. Since your program is not available anymore, I can’t start my day in the same shape as before ;-), lacking of your yoga teaching and very relaxing voice.

I must say to you that the last lesson I had with you on TV (the one with the warrior position theme) had the most effect on me since my beginning in yoga with your program less than 3 months ago. Just after those positions, relaxation was a place where tears of sadness were mixed with a tremendous amount of laughs of happiness. I can’t explain but the feeling was very good.

Thank you very much for doing such a teaching, on TV, with such a presence. Without you and your program, I would still not do yoga and not benefit from it. Not only I enjoyed your program a lot but also I could feel the positive effect on me day after day.

Here’s my question:
Have you had a chance to put a yoga lesson on DVD that could be purchased so viewers like me could practice even if you are not aired at Vox?

Also, if someday you have the opportunity to come near Bromont / Granby for a session, include me in the mailing list. I would be gratefull to know in advance that opportunity and pleased to attend it.

Thanks, thanks and thanks, Merci! for you generosity and that beautifull and relaxing voice that I had the chance to hear from you each time I was following your program before going to work. ~ Dominic

I’m a 47 year old manager/bartender at a very popular bar in the West Island of Montreal. I’ve been an athlete all of my life and was an exceptional swimmer in my youth. I’ve been working out for about 25 years and have always been in very good physical condition. I never give my real age to anyone because they always think I’m trying to pull their leg, so I always tell people I’m 37 (you may or not agree by looking at the enclosed picture which was taken at work in the past few weeks).

About 4 months ago, I very badly pulled my back. I have never been injured in my life…have never had a broken bone…and am rarely if ever sick. I pulled my back simply by leaning forward to turn the hot water on in the shower. I could not believe how such an ordinary movement could cause such a bad injury. I could barely walk for several days and it took about a month to be fully recovered.

As I researched my pulled back on the internet, one of the sites suggested yoga as preventive medicine. I knew that the local Ch. 9 would have a yoga show and I taped it at 5am. This was one week after I pulled my back. For the past 3 1/2 months, I have been taping your show and following what you’re doing every day when I wake up.

I will not claim that you have put me into shape. I have been in shape my entire life. What I can tell you however, is that you have improved my overall physical well-being. I have even noticed a difference when I work out with weights. I have become much more flexible and my muscles do not hurt after a workout.

I have to assume that you know that your show has helped people. I have to also assume that you get positive feedback from people to whom you give private lessons. But I wanted to take the time to let you know that what you are doing has been of great benefit to me personally and for that I thank you very much.

I wish you all the best in life and hope you understand how worthwhile your career choice has been. ~ Phil

I look forward to each class. It is my special time for me. It took me a few classes to really catch on to the breathing..but I love it. It is very energizing. I enjoy the private class energy. It keeps distractions down and fits my needs like a glove. ~ M.T.

I try to incorporate all the little tips you gave me and they are truly good. ~ M.V.

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