Just Learn To Breathe Properly

I have given many workshops on breathing, something I believe is so basic, yet often not practiced properly.

Breathing practice seems simple—you breathe in and you breathe out. However we tend to have patterns to our breathing that are personal – our posture, our circumstances, mind, emotions all help create them; and these patterns are often not the most beneficial to our health.   Many students coming to yoga classes have limited, or even unhealthy breathing patterns, and need basic breath training before moving on to more advanced yogic breathing practices.

The breath is

-a powerful tool to inducing greater relaxation and well-being,

-healthy breathing affects our long-term health/aging

-one of the subtlest and most effective doorways to connecting to Spirit or the sacred essence of who we are, which is at the heart of Yoga practice in general.

To learn, I have a host of zen ideas for you; you can check out my meditation tips in various articles, some breathing and relaxing tips on my Yoga Mind Cd; I try to adress basics in my public yoga classes in Tenafly or am available always for a private yoga class so we can work on your untangling your knots and improving your breathing togetherjust breathe:simple!


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Rana Waxman is a registered yoga therapist ERYT-500, with 20 years of teaching experience. Rana is a freelance writer and social media expert in addition to leading yoga workshops internationally and teaching alignment focused private and group Yoga Lessons in Hoboken and Jersey City NJ.

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