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There are different ways you can contact Rana Waxman to inquire about private yoga lessons, yoga workshops and yoga teacher trainings in your area. Rana is also on social media, so look for her profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Rana has different professional profiles up including on Linkedin, Thumbtack and Yoga Trail. Please feel free to post your reviews and keep in touch!

Rana Waxman Yoga Therapy
Professional Private Yoga Therapist
Rana Waxman practices Yoga Therapy in New Jersey. Private Yoga Classes, one-on-one stretch. Yoga Teacher Training. Workshops
Jersey City,NJ

Phone: 201-588-5150

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Love me!

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Rana Waxman on Instagram   follow on Instagram ! This is such a fun media, and I do try to post on it, sometimes related to yoga, sometimes just fun moments.

Rana Waxman - Yoga Teacher in Jersey City check out our reviews and photos on YogaTrail ! I sometimes post yoga poses to this site and you can vote on them. For me it is more about the beauty of the location and finding something in the environment to use as a yoga prop that inspires me to “pose”; I typically go by the expression: “yoga is not a performance, it is a practice”.

Rana Waxman on Yoga Centers Directory

I am on different directories and social media – stay connected! I have a few hashtags that I like to play with : #liveyouryoga, #yoga, #yogaproplove, #wisdom, #yapana, and of course, #thankyou …


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